How Comfort Zone Ruins Your Life?

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How Comfort Zone Ruins Your Life?


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The place where we believe we are safe yet may be the most dangerous place on Earth.

Eddie Harris Jr put it aptly when he said, “The sooner you step away from your comfort zone, you’ll realize that it really wasn’t all that comfortable”.

So, here are surprising ways the comfort zone is ruining your life.

How Comfort Zone Ruins Your Life?

Without wasting any time further, let’s dive into the topic, “How Comfort Zone Ruins Your Life?”

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The Comfort Zone isn’t Fit for a King

It’s well-accepted fact that one of the most significant takeaways we can send our children into the world with, is resilience. Still, resilience is built and developed throughout your life, from day one until you die.

Resilience helps you to enjoy life despite challenges, instead of collapsing into a heap of failure and never get up again.

Inside the comfort zone, there aren’t any challenges that will help you build resilience to work your IQ and prepare yourself to deal with challenges, which comes your way.

You’re doing yourself a disservice because you make things so much harder for yourself to go through life like a baby with no skills. Or experience, that is then asked to make their own meals.

Babie’s cooking in the kitchen is silly, so is you remaining confined in your comfort zone.

Year in, year out so get out of it!

You are Scream Boring!

Whenever we don’t take any risks and hold one to the same mundane routine for dear life, we’re not living.

Like an unconscious thief, we are just stealing oxygen from the atmosphere, adding little or no value to ourselves, and those around us.

If we’re doing the same thing day in and day out, we’re not exactly going to be a riveting company. Are we?

Find out, what exactly you’re afraid of when you step out of your comfort zone.

Will you be worried that people will judge you if you take a risk, or are you afraid of falling short of others’ expectations from you?

Will you be concerned that you’re not wise enough to engage in smart discussions with other people?

There’s this beautiful cliché that claims, “amazing things stand on the other part of fear and also as overused it is”. It’s 100% real!

You are valuable and worthwhile, but even that starts with respecting yourself.

You Lose Touch with your True Self!

Who are you in the real sense?

Do individuals know your true self?

Do you know the real you, or have you been living through the distorted views of other people about you, for way too long, that now you have lost your own identity?

Unless you step out of your comfort zone, you will never be able to identify your true self and who you could potentially be.

It stifles imagination

You eat the same food!

You watch the same genre of entertainment on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney!

You read the same one-sided viewed articles!

and you spend time together with the same people!

How on Earth do you get your creative juices flowing if your lifestyle inspires you to work harder?

Improve and keep challenging yourself to become a better person!

When you leave your comfort zone behind, only then does the actual magic happen.

Your search for new hobbies and learn new skills.

And for example, you realize you enjoy horse riding, which brings us to our next point, number three.

Your Point of View Stays Restrictive!

When you’re watching the same news channel every day or reading the same news website, you’re only exposing yourself to specific angles of news or life in general.

This will result in a biased and interpretation.

This is undoubtedly one-sided and speaking to outsiders can frequently feel challenging when different points of view are brought across.

According to the news origin, the given information brought ahead is biased.

We’ve seen it with recent American elections where particular websites were pro-Trump or pro-Biden, and every development article would investigate the fault with either candidate.

This is undoubtedly political.

Understanding that it’s simple to concentrate on each prospect’s downsides as soon as your source of development is letting you know the basic things, they need one to hear.

It’s up to you to obtain your data from diverse sources to help you step out of your comfort zone and view things from a distinct point of view.

You’ll Skip Brand New Passions in Life.

Let’s stick to the horse example.

You’ve always desired to ride a horse while having been too damn afraid so that you never decide to try, and you feel crap about it often.

You wonder, what it would feel like to possess your feet covered around a stallion that is stunning, feeling the wind blowing using your hair, along with your human body, almost floating whilst the horse gallops over the coastline.


Now imagine for the minute you battle your fear and sign up for a beach ride directed.

You positively love every min; this is undoubtedly solitary of now you’re heading to the stables every weekend.

You meet new people; you discover brand new passions, and your life changed, and you found a relative part of yourself you were didn’t know been around.

Exchange ponies with anything like cooking, singing, dancing, skating, composing, or blog posting.

Take action; this is undoubtedly first!

Possibilities are Lost, and Growth is Inhibited

Martin Luther King Jr, as soon stated, “you might be 38 years old before you decide to and calls you to operate for some great principle as I am definitely, and one day some great possibility stands.”

Some problem that is great some great cause and you also refuse to get it done because you’re afraid!

“Well, you might go right ahead and live until you’re 90, but you’re just as dead at 38 as you would be at 90; therefore, the cessation of sucking in your daily life is, however, the announcement that is belated of earlier in the daily loss of the character.”

Is that how you want to live?

Your daily life was only coasting through, or do you want to offer it horns as Martin Luther King Jr performed.

The more significant amount of you state yes to things, the more you shall develop, additionally the even more doorways will start for you this is certainly something which can change your life.

You’re Conditioned to Settle.

You feel meh about, and on occasion, even just the folks you determine to spend time with, whether it’s having a companion, a career.

Once you stay in your comfort zone, these correct areas of everything, in many cases, are merely mediocre.

You stick to equivalent work, and you realize you’re going to receive a salary every month as it’s safe.

You hang on to your partner because, just because it is much better to have a devil you understand than the devil you don’t, and you carefully keep the team that is same, because but uninspiring they may be, at the least there are no shocks.

Have you been kidding me personally?

This might be no genuine way to live life!

Ditch the partner, understand your worth about your job, so we provide you with permission to fulfil new people usually do not feel accountable about it.

You’re worth much more than a mediocre life.

Please go out and take some dangers and experience the incentives as you deserve it!

No Danger, No Reward!

It is that easy.

“You can’t expect a change in everything if you’re doing the same thing after time.”

This quote insanity is performing the same and anticipating various outcomes is misattributed to Albert Einstein, but it’s believed to be from an anonymous narcotics pamphlet published in 1981.

Although worded slightly differently aside from just who quoted it, it’s relevant to what we’re saying you can’t anticipate things in your lifetime to improve if you’re not going to come out of the rut.

However, if you’re keen to meet somebody, you keep working into the ingesting; that is local later away from you.

Do you think someone perfect for you is merely planning to waltz in through the door night?

This is not a hallmark film. It’s life!

And nowadays, to meet someone, they’re not only going to fall straight into your lap if you don’t get right up off the sofa and get yourself.

No threat, no incentive!

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Our Brains and Body Don’t Function at their Best

“We’re problem solvers pioneers and inventors by very nature” – If this weren’t true then humans would never have evolved from meat hunter gatherer to weapon and tool mastery like we did everything from our brain to our bodies, and all that lies in between thrives on being challenged.

For example, exercising if you just stick to the same 30-minute walking or circuit at the gym routine, you won’t see any improvement getting physically fitter or more built or leaner.

It happens, when we challenge our bodies to exert more than they currently are comfortable with and the same principle applies to our mental capacity too.

If you want to optimize your brain, you won’t find the solution while you are safe within your comfort zone!

Routine Makes us Lazy

When we’re doing the same thing repeatedly, we get kinda lazy, since we do aster the trick and we’re not challenged anymore.

We make mistakes and we don’t give our best effort to the task at hand.

It’s time to make things up a little.

Start small if you must.

Change your route to work.

Head to a different restaurant, buy yourself a piece of gym equipment instead of chips and chocolates.

From there you can build your confidence and start doing more things you usually wouldn’t even think of doing.

Like climbing a steep rock or hill.

You can’t Make Progress While Sitting Idle

Nothing comes to those that wait.

Science is clear if you want something to happen you must take action to initiate that change.

Newton’s first law of motion explains it like this…

“A body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it and a body in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.”

So, if you’re in the same position that is where you can expect to be tomorrow, next year, and next decade.

But once you are moving, you’re on your way, and momentum will build, and it gets easier, but that’s a science lesson for another day.

You have Unhealthy Boundaries with People

Sadly, you haven’t learned to use the skills to draw the line or quit when people disappoint you.

You don’t speak up for yourself because that’s too inconvenient for you.

When you accept things, but they don’t really align with your expectations but you’re too afraid to challenge someone, that is too uncomfortable.

Letting other people around you control your life because you feel too afraid to say no and put a stop to it. Because of course, which will make you feel extremely uncomfortable.

These are all unhealthy boundaries. Also, it’ll be hard for you to deal with them.

But imagine how free you’ll be, once you’ve waded through all that uncomfortable situation and come out the other side!

The Invites will Evaporate!

If you want a surefire way off the invite list of your friends or colleagues, saying no to people will soon tire them of hearing your excuses, for why you can’t accept their invite and they’ll just stop inviting you along to things.

We’re not forcing you to go full yes to every invitation, but at least start by accepting invites and see where they lead you to.

These invitations help you get a multi-million dollars contract.

Staying in the Comfort Zone can Lead to Discontentment and Depression

There’s no reward for sticking around at a mundane party the longest.

Nor is there some kind of badge of honour for sticking it out in a dead-end job just for the sake of please your boss.

The truth is you’re just afraid of the unknown circumstances.

However, the result of being bored is often a feeling of discontentment with your own life and will eventually lead you to depression.

You have one life and it’s not possible to live it for the sake of making anyone happy.

Despite your best efforts at sacrificing your life for your partner, kids’ boss or parents, friends or even a cause you believe in, you won’t be effective if this is not what you love and what inspires and challenges you or push you against your limits.

So, if you’re in a rut, how do you leave it behind?

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By now you’re reading because you acknowledge that you’re in a funk, stuck in a rut, or running a hamster wheel of repetition. So, it’s time to act and start a new chapter.

Don’t worry this doesn’t have to be a flying leap off an edge into unchartered territory.

Take some small but deliberate steps to get yourself moving away from the cocoon of comfort.

An uncomplicated way to break out of the mould is to strike up a new friendship with people who have no preconceived ideas about you.

It allows you the confidence to reinvent yourself without having to explain that you’re trying something new before you’re ready to.

And if you need to meet some more inspiring friends, then start by joining a club, change gyms or join a local meetup group that interests you.

One small conversation leads to an invite, leads to an adventure and before you know it you have a lifelong friendship.

Don’t hang in uninspired places or comfortable places looking for people to go on a journey with.

Take someone who’s exciting equally open to new opportunities and ready for action.

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